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How to use mascara tips


How to use mascara tips

How to use mascara tips
Beautiful eyelashes are not a success or failure. The eyelashes that most boys appreciate are thick and well-defined, with a natural upturn curvature, no sticky makeup, no ugly flies legs, in general, the more natural the better. This requirement is very high? Don't worry, you can also brush out the beautiful eyelashes after learning the following tricks.
If the eyelashes are not particularly short, apply mascara before brushing.
When you brush your eyelashes, your eyes should look down. When you brush your eyelashes, your eyes should look up. If you plan to apply multiple layers, you should properly thin each layer and apply as much as possible after the upper layer is dry.
If you feel that it is very troublesome to apply mascara every day, you can dye the eyelashes with a special stain, and then make it very good without mascara.
You should stop using mascara or dye your eyelashes during eye disease. (